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Brugge Chocolates

Pâte de Fruit

Pâte de Fruit

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These jewel toned, traditional European confections are bite-sized squares of concentrated fruit flavor. We use only the finest French fruit and pure cane sugar on our Pâte de Fruit, creating the perfect balance between the tart and sweet nature of the fruit. Each package contains 4 seasonal flavors such as Raspberry, White Peach, Mango, Morello Cherry, Black Currant, Strawberry, Apricot, Passion Fruit, and Rhubarb.

- Our 4 piece bag (approximately 2 oz.) is hand-packed into a clear bag, allowing all 4 pieces to be beautifully shown.

- Our 8 piece box (approximately 4 oz.) is hand-packed into an elegant 2 layer windowed box, showcasing their beautiful color.

- Our 12 piece box (approximately 6.25 oz.) is hand packed into a crystal-clear box to highlight the colorful beauty of these gem-like confections. 

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